Supply Chain Management

Government regulations, supply chain disruptions and consumer quality and safety issues are growing concerns for supply chain managers. Unsynchronized data can compromise your success in managing today’s global supply chain. Your business is largely dependent on the relationship between you and your partners and the efficiency and quality of the business process across your extended supply chain.

Today, most companies continue to experience supply chain inefficiencies as a direct result of increased risk. Manufacturing disruptions, bloated inventories, transportation delays, stock-outs and obsolete inventories are just some of the negative results.

Many supply chain executives are using improved supply chain visibility to help overcome a variety of risks and ultimately improve supply chain management.

Overcoming challenges in supply chain management

Visibility and control of your supply chain business processes is critical in mitigating the risks that can impact your success. Viewlocity Technologies’ solutions assist supply chain managers with:

Compensating for supplier failures

Customers are demanding high quality, safe products and government regulations are increasing to ensure these demands are met. It is critical to mitigate the risk of supplier failures because today’s complex supply chains involve multi-step, multi-party processes that are normally obscure and these failures can have a material impact on product safety and quality, as well as your reputation.

Supply chain executives need more finite control so they can view the entire process from beginning to end. Viewlocity Technologies’ supply chain visibility solutions offer a unique ability to model complex supply chain processes and monitor supplier performance weekly or monthly – as well as flag critical events on a daily basis. With advanced visibility, supply chain managers can react to failures in quality, process or delivery discrepancies before they have a devastating impact on supply chain execution.

Risk management and supply chain disruption

Disruptions to your supply chain can come from a variety of sources ranging from poor performing suppliers to natural disasters. To mitigate the risk of failures in your supply chain and to meet the demands of your customers in an efficient and cost effective way, you need access to real-time information so you can respond quickly to the changing supply chain environment.

Viewlocity Technologies’ visibility solutions provide supply chain managers with the tools required to be proactive as early as possible when disruptions occur or when a disaster strikes. By leveraging executive dashboards to monitor key performance indicators, supply chain managers finally have powerful metrics, scorecards and reporting at their fingertips.

Ensuring efficient and sustainable supply chains

Consumers are demanding lower cost products that are delivered using environmentally sustainable processes. Reducing waste and energy consumption is a process of continuous improvement and is reflected in the design of new processes across an extended supply chain.

Unfortunately, the processes that should be taking place in your supply chain are not always the processes that are executed. Viewlocity Technologies’ visibility solutions provide metrics on and enable insight into discrepancies of planned processes versus executed processes. Supply chain managers can easily identify broken or costly activities or processes and continuously improve the efficiency of their supply chain.

For supply chain management, Viewlocity Technologies has the solutions you need to ensure:

  • Reduced variability in supply chain processes
  • Increased agility for problem resolution
  • Reduced supply chain operating costs
  • Enablement of lean supply chain operations
  • Increased operating efficiency
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