Supply chain practitioners in the retail industry are faced with a variety of challenges due to the global and complex nature of their supply chains. Often they need to ensure quality and timely products are delivered from suppliers situated in several low cost manufacturing countries.

Retailers have to manage truly global supply chains to be able to effectively compete on cost. This increases reliance on suppliers and partners to efficiently deliver the right product at the right time at the right place. Not having the product implies lost sales and impacts customer satisfaction.

In order to run highly efficient and cost effective supply chains, these managers need solutions that enable them to manage their global supply chain, maintain the lowest levels of inventory and meet their desired customer service levels.

Managing today’s retail supply chain challenges

Supply chain managers in the retail industry have to contend with:

  • Global purchasing

    In order to compete effectively and support the increasing demand for customization and differentiation of products, retailer supply chains have outsourced manufacturing to low cost countries and need greater visibility into the operations of such manufacturers.

    Viewlocity Technologies’ supply chain visibility solutions leverage existing investments that you and your partners have made in various systems and presents an integrated and meaningful business picture. It is very easy to on-board partners, even if they have widely differing technological capabilities.

  • Constrained supply

    Retail supply chain companies need as much forewarning as possible in order to react quickly and adjust plans when a given supplier is unable to meet the schedule or respond to a changing need.

    Viewlocity Technologies’ supply chain visibility solutions provide a real-time, integrated view into the current status of all orders, shipments and inventory. When disruptions occur, these tools show you key impacts and help you respond effectively to unexpected events.

  • International logistics variability

    With overseas low cost manufacturing locations handling more production, managing international inbound logistics is critical to maintaining a fluid supply chain.

    Viewlocity Technologies’ solutions allow you to view the impact of disruptions on upstream or downstream activities as well as on inventory. The tools allow you to focus on high value, critical issues and can be configured to automatically resolve other problems.

For the supply chain professionals juggling the challenges in the retail industry, Viewlocity Technologies has the solutions you need to:

  • Reduce inventory safety stock
  • Lower overall sourcing costs
  • Reduce expedited freight costs
  • Decrease production disruptions
  • Enhance planner productivity
  • Improve responsiveness of the enterprise
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