Inventory & Asset Management

Managing inventory is a constant balancing act. The requirement to minimize costs can compete with meeting customer demand. Understanding the true cost of inventory and missed business opportunities requires a holistic view of the entire supply chain. This is a necessity in today’s global supply chains with long lead times, uncertain customer demand and uncertainty in the supply of raw materials.

Often companies do not have visibility of in-transit inventory or a full understanding of items being transported until it has actually been received. Consequently, actions such as re-routing assets and in-transit shipments end up adversely impacting other aspects of the supply chain.

The ability to view and monitor the end-to-end supply chain is critical in allowing you to understand impacts and better manage disruptions arising from changing customer demands or delayed supply.

Overcoming challenges in inventory and asset management

When it comes to managing inventory and assets, a number of challenges face supply chain managers, Viewlocity Technologies can assist with:

Providing a complete inventory picture

To operate efficiently and ensure high customer service levels, companies need visibility into all inventories, including those outside their enterprise.

Viewlocity Technologies’ solutions allow you to gain a complete picture of all your product inventories, including related inventory with partners or in-transit. As a result, you can view the current state of your inventory and view inventory projections that take into account supply, demand, in-transit and work-in-progress aspects.

Managing variability

Companies are constantly faced with significant uncertainty in demand, supply and movement of goods that require quick action based on frequently changing priorities. Uncertainty in transportation leads to higher inventory costs as companies try to buffer their stock to meet product demand.

Viewlocity Technologies’ solutions alert users to disruptions. You can view the impact of each disruption and focus on critical issues while allowing the application to automatically resolve lower priority issues, thereby improving your supply chain productivity.

Breaking down information ‘silos’

Supply chains are global with critical information controlled by partners, suppliers or customers. Seamless sharing of information across these groups significantly improves the overall efficiency and reduces inventory costs.

Viewlocity Technologies’ solutions enable users to view their end-to-end supply chain. It’s easy to on-board partners, even if they all have differing levels of technological capability. The relevant information from all players is presented in a meaningful way allowing you to easily analyze the situation and make the right operational decisions.

For inventory and asset management, Viewlocity Technologies has the solutions you need to ensure:

Increased customer satisfaction
Better asset utilization
Lower operating costs
Better analysis of inventory strategies
Improved key performance indicator scores
Minimal inventory waste and obsolescence

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