High Tech & Electronics

High tech brand and electronics manufacturing companies continue to survive in the roller coaster of consumer preference and technical innovation.

Electronics manufacturing companies work hand-in-hand with high tech brand owners to provide vertically integrated services. These services span from the procurement of components to manufacturing, distribution and fulfillment of the finished product. This makes it necessary for these companies to interact with a wide variety of trading partners for the different services they provide.

In order to provide these services profitably, high tech and electronics manufacturing companies need tools that provide extended visibility across their supply chain, enable quick reactions to any disruptions, foster collaboration across trading partners and offer analytics to continually measure supply chain performance.

Managing today’s challenges in high tech and electronic supply chains

Companies looking to innovate, remain competitive and increase shareholder value face new challenges daily. High tech and electronics manufacturing companies are dealing with the challenges of:

  • Poor visibility

    Leaders in high tech and electronics organizations are under pressure to find the most profitable ways to bring products to market. Increasingly this means relying on third parties and outsourced relationships. Companies wanting to thrive in this industry require a set of supply chain tools that allow them to assimilate all the trading partners information into a single comprehensive environment.

    Viewlocity Technologies provides extensive visibility and collaboration tools that enable a comprehensive, secure view across your supply chain. These tools allow high tech brand owners to collaborate with design electronics manufacturers and subcomponent providers to improve customer delivery, decrease costs and effectively react to changing demand cycles.

  • Lack of systems integration

    High tech and electronics companies work with a variety of partners who use many different supply chain systems or, in some cases, no systems at all. Coordination of information across the extended supply chain is critical in effectively meeting the changing customer demand cycles.

    Viewlocity Technologies provides you and your partners with collaboration tools to effectively communicate strategies to address the unexpected changes that occur in your supply chain. These tools integrate data from your existing systems and your partners’ systems to provide a single ‘version of truth’ for all transactions related to the flow of goods in your supply chain.

  • Poor communication and collaboration with supply chain partners

    Successful supply chains require good communication across all participants and throughout all supply chain processes. Early indicators and communication of changes in demand, sourcing and manufacturing capacities enable supply chain partners to coordinate and cost effectively address the changes. These and other disruptions to deliveries require real-time information and impact analysis to efficiently resolve.

    The collaboration tools available from Viewlocity Technologies enable you to communicate with your partners and respond as your supply chain needs alter from original plans. Viewlocity Technologies visibility solutions provide access to one version of truth for improved coordination among partners and keeps your suppliers accountable to service level agreements, thereby ensuring the success of your supply chain.

For high tech and electronics manufacturing companies, Viewlocity Technologies has the solutions you need to:

  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Reduce production disruptions
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce charge backs due to incomplete order deliveries
  • Reduce cost of incoming quality
  • Improve the ability to negotiate contracts with supply base
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