At Viewlocity Technologies we provide all the training you need to help ensure your success with our solutions. We work with you to put together a training program that will build the skills you need in order to obtain the maximum benefit from your investment.

We believe that learning should be a continuous process, not just something that happens at the beginning of the project, a typical educational plan includes:

Basic training

Familiarizes the core team that uses Viewlocity Technlogies solutions with major product functionality.

Comprehensive user training

Using a ‘Train the Trainer’ approach, this provides the basic skills required to operate the application. We license our training materials for you to use in your own training classes.

Administrator training

Provides specialized instruction for individuals charged with configuring and maintaining the application. Administrators learn about aspects such as system configuration, security management, maintenance functions and other topics required to keep the application in good working order.

Advanced or follow-up training

After the application has been in production for a few months, we’ll provide additional instruction on advanced features. Follow-up training is typically conducted online.

As with every aspect of Viewlocity Technologies’ solutions, we’re committed to providing the best possible customer experience. Your trainers can be assured that our staff will be available to answer questions and provide whatever support they may need as they conduct their own training classes.

Additional services

In addition to the basic services outlined above, we can also provide:

Customized training

To enhance the learning experience, we can work with your staff to develop a customized version of our training classes, using your internal terminology and data.

Support materials

We can work with you to develop specialized materials such as ‘cheat sheets’ and quick reference guides for staff to use in their day-to-day operations.

Customized help

Develop customized help files using your business rules and processes.

Contact us today to find out more about the solutions and training provided by Viewlocity Technologies.