Aerospace & Defense

Organizations within the aerospace and defense industries face huge challenges in their supply chain landscape. These challenges include: Increased complexity due to globalization of supply chains, numerous trading partners and the need to synchronize long lead times with high cost inventory to avoid costly disruptions.

Many organizations have to cope with commerical or military contracts that are locked in months or years in advance and have stringent key performance indicators. With higher volatility created by external factors, a greater level of control when managing the full cycle of the contract is needed.

To sustain growth and profitability, aerospace and defense organizations need a set of supply chain management tools that provides them with comprehensive views of product activity within the supply chain, enables them to react quickly to supply disruptions and provides a mechanism for collaboration with partners when configuring or building commercial and military products.

Managing today’s challenges in aerospace and defense supply chains

Aerospace and defense companies are feeling the pressure to streamline manufacturing and business processes in order to decrease their unit cost of production. As a result the industry has to contend with:

    • Increased complexity with numerous trading partners

      Aerospace and defense companies have to deal with multiple levels of suppliers distributed globally. Coordination of raw material availability, transportation and manufacturing is critical in managing cost and profitability.

      Viewlocity Technologies’ supply chain visibility solutions enable collaboration between partners. You gain real-time visibility into processes and disruptions across the extended supply chain which helps you to achieve higher order fulfillment rates while lowering inventory and transportation costs.

    • Long lead times with significant variability

      Due to the global nature of supply chains and the manufacturing complexities of parts and products for commercial and military contracts, aerospace and defense companies have to deal with longer lead times and significant variability. Uncertainty in transportation schedules and raw material availability often leads to higher product costs which adversely impacts customer satisfaction.

      The solutions available from Viewlocity Technologies provide a real-time integrated view into the current status of all orders, shipments and inventory. When unexpected disruptions or events occur, Viewlocity Technologies software shows you key impacts and helps you respond effectively.

    • Complex component inventory

      Companies have to manage complex bills of materials (BOM) in a complex, multi-tier supply chain structure. Timely availability of expensive components is necessary to minimize cost and scheduling impacts.

      Viewlocity Technologies’ supply chain visibility solutions give you the ability to manage component as well as finished goods product inventory. You can view the current state of the inventory and inventory projections. Alerts are provided if the inventory is projected to dip below ‘safe’ stock levels or exceed maximum inventory levels.

Whether you manage commercial or military aerospace and defense contracts, Viewlocity Technologies has the solutions you need to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction levels
  • Enable on-time product delivery
  • Reduce overall system inventory
  • Reduce supply chain costs
  • Enable lean supply chain operations
  • Increase operating efficiency
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