Order Lifecycle Management

Consumers want products to arrive faster and cheaper with flexibility and ease for returns when needed. Organizations are under pressure to find the most profitable ways to bring products to market. Increasingly, this means relying on third parties and outsourced relationships. With growing concerns regarding environmental sustainability practices, product end-of-life processes also have a direct impact on brand image and profitability.

To thrive in complex supply chains, you need a comprehensive view of your trading partners, associated business processes and the impact analysis as those business processes are executed across your supply chain.

Overcoming challenges in order life cycle management

During the order fulfillment process, a number of key challenges are faced by process owners, Viewlocity Technologies solutions can help with:

    • Increasing supplier collaboration and management

      Multiple sourcing points in an order cycle makes delivering orders on-time and intact challenging. To maximize profits, companies need to integrate inventory, sourcing and transportation decisions.

      Whether orders are short-shipped from your supplier or a delivery is missed from your transportation provider, you need not only a complete insight into the impacts of disruptions but also the ability to collaborate with partners for cost effective solutions.

      Viewlocity Technologies offers the tools that you for a centralized view of the impacts on order as a result of disruptions from upstream or downstream activities. You can collaborate with your suppliers to resolve high value issues while leaving other, less critical problems to be automatically resolved within the system.

    • Managing demand

      For products that have short lifecycles, demand management strategies enable you to maximize profits. Successful demand generation promotions require adequate supply of product in the right place at the right time.

      Viewlocity Technologies’ solutions enable coordination of activities across the supply chain so you are able to successfully meet demand while minimizing cost overruns. These tools provide you with the visibility, event management and impact analysis to intelligently balance changing requirements in customer demand with cost effective order fulfillment processes.

    • Increasing order and product margins

      Proper management and disposition of product returns can significantly increase product margins.

      Companies are able manage all areas of order life cycle management, including returns using Viewlocity Technologies’ supply chain visibility and control solutions. Users are able to view the details of returned items and subcomponents, maximizing the value of reusable stock and minimizing waste.

For order life cycle management, Viewlocity Technologies has the solutions you need to:

  • Profitably source product
  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Enable on-time product delivery
  • Improve efficiencies and optimize use of assets
  • Increase order and product margins
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