Viewlocity Technologies provides customers with services needed to successfully implement our products. The Viewlocity Technologies MethodView approach has been developed based on the experienced gained through many successfully implementations. MethodView reduces implementation time, minimizes risk and ensures Viewlocity Technologies solutions are configured to meet your needs.

MethodView consists of a detailed methodology reference guide that acts as the primary roadmap for the project team, a project work-plan template, project estimating guidelines, and a project deliverable library. MethodView consists of five stages:

Stage 1: Concept creation

In the first stage of implementing Viewlocity Technologies solutions, your internal project team will be guided through the tasks required to establish a phased project plan which includes an outline of the project benefits and an estimated budget.

Viewlocity Technologies promotes a collaborative approach to building the project plan and value proposition that involves your resources to ensure the goals of the project are realistic and achievable. Successful completion of this stage establishes:

A mutual understanding of the project’s strategic goals
Key performance indicators that will be used to gauge successful implementation
The components and capabilities of the solution
The deployment approach and timeline
Project team roles and responsibilities

This stage is a crucial first step when implementing a successful project.

Sage 2:  Master design

The second stage in the MethodView implementation process involves establishing an overall business and technical design that supports the long-term use of the solution within your organization. The outcome of the design phase is a master design document which includes the:

Technical architecture
Organizational configuration framework
Interface architecture
Interface map specifications

Stage 3: Implementation

The actual implementation stage encompasses all of the tasks required to install and configure the Viewlocity Technologies application within your environment. This step includes configuration of the user interface, business layer and the interface layer.

Stage 4: System testing

Once the solution has been implemented, rigorous testing is undertaken to ensure the application operates effectively within your environment and meets the business requirements specificed during the concept creation stage.

Stage 5: Rollout

The rollout stage completes the MethodView implementation process and incorporates administrator and end-user training, conversion and post go-live support.

The Viewlocity Technologies project team typically remain involved with your operations personnel after rollout to ensure proper operation of the application and to transfer technical knowledge to your administrators and key end users. This phase ends with operational signoff by your internal project sponsor and an evaluation of key performance indicators to gauge the actual benefits realized as a result of implementing the Viewlocity Technologies solution.

Project management

Over the course of implementing the solution, the project is driven and monitored by a project management team jointly staffed by your internal resources and a Viewlocity Technologies project manager.

These individuals collaborate to manage the project resources to ensure that objectives are met and that the project progresses on time and to budget.

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