Third Party Logistics

In a service driven industry, customer service and satisfaction is critical to acquiring and retaining customers. Logistics service providers must focus on both operational and technical excellence as part of ensuring high levels of service and satisfaction. As much as the operational excellence is important to your customers, your technical solutions need to meet those same rigid standards.

Customers have come to expect premier system solutions to accompany and measure the success of their logistics service provider’s offerings. To excel in this market you need system solutions that provide flexibility, reusability and are multi-customer based. In order provide full supply chain visibility, solutions must be able to manage the breadth and depth of data from inbound, outbound and reverse logistics processes.

Managing today’s challenges in third party logistics

Logistics service providers need to provide tools to their customers that demonstrate the effectiveness of their services while dealing with the challenges of:

  • Scalability and reliability of systems to meets global customer demand

    Logistics service providers integrate functions across the supply chain, from sourcing of raw materials, through to product manufacturing and the distribution of finished goods. A consolidated view of this information is a large part of the expected value to their customers.

    In order to deliver this value, logistics service providers require scalable systems that effectively manage the depth and breath of data and that reliably delivers the data. Viewlocity Technologies’ visibility and control solutions enable a secure view of information across the extended supply chain.

  • Flexibility of the systems to model different customers supply chain needs

    Business processes differ by customer and product lines. Logistics service providers need insight into business process in order to: Identify which business processes are not working, where cost efficiencies and opportunities can be gained and provide continuous improvement of supply chain processes.

    Viewlocity Technologies solutions provide metrics and key performance indicators that identify variances and repeated discrepancies in your business processes. The scorecards and reports presented enable continuous improvement of extended supply chain processes specific to each business partner, business unit and product line.

  • Leveraging existing investment in systems

    Logistics service providers have investments in transportation management systems, warehouse management systems and other technologies that provide a portion of the capabilities needed by their customers. For real end-to-end visibility and control of the supply chain, customers must have an integrated view of orders, shipments and inventory.

    Viewlocity Technologies’ solutions works with your existing systems to provide a single ‘version of truth’ for all transactions related to the flow of goods in your supply chain. The tools keep all your systems synchronized and provides your customers with real-time information to improve the performance of your supply chain.

For logistics service providers, Viewlocity Technologies has the solutions you need to achieve:

  • Improved labor efficiency
  • Increased IT efficiency
  • Simpler and faster customer implementation
  • Higher customer satisfaction
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