Consumer Goods

Customer demand and market trends are shifting faster than ever. The ability to predict  market trends has traditionally been an important, although challenging, factor in the success of a consumer goods manufacturer. The consumer goods market is also challenged with intense competition, changing regulations and lean margins. Supply chain managers in this industry face the difficult task of managing store deliveries, inventory levels and supplier re-orders in a cost effective manner while ensuring timely delivery to the customer.

To succeed in this demanding environment, companies must be agile and maintain control over the complex relationships that exist within supply chains. In this way, consumer goods manufacturers can continually deliver innovative and high quality products.

Managing today’s challenges in consumer goods supply chains

For consumer goods companies there is now more supply chain complexity combined with less time to manage it. As a result the industry has to content with:

  • Unpredictable consumer demand

    Consumer goods manufacturers need to get the right amount of the right product on the shelves at the right time to meet demand. Flexibility and the ability to react to changing consumer demands and disruptions in supply chain processes is key to maximizing profitability.

    Viewlocity Technologies’ visibility and control solutions alert users to variances across the supply chain. As changes in demand or other disruptions to your supply chain occur, these tools enable collaboration with your suppliers so you can adjust demand orders quickly, reroute in-transit shipments and keep stock at the right levels to operate efficiently.

  • Product safety and quality assurance

    Deviations from identified production and distribution processes can act as warning signals to quality or safety issues. Early identification of these issues eliminates the impact of costly recalls and damage to the value of your brand.

    Viewlocity Technologies’ visibility and event management solutions provide the ‘audit-ability’ of your suppliers and vendors quality processes as they happen. Early detection of missed process activities reduces the risks and costs associated with the production of poor quality products and helps protect your brand image.

  • Increased competition forcing diminishing margins

    Operational efficiency is critical to maintaining and increasing margins in the highly competitive consumer goods market. But, what happens when disruptions cause a breakdown in supply chain processes?

    Viewlocity Technlogies’ supply chain visibility solutions provide impact analysis algorithms that alert you in real-time to the potential downstream consequences of what is happening or not happening in your supply chain. This insight allows you to focus on critical issues so that you can minimize cost overruns and meet customer demand.

For supply chain professionals juggling the challenges in the consumer goods market, Viewlocity Technologies has the solutions you need to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction levels
  • Enable on-time product delivery
  • Reduce overall system inventory
  • Reduce supply chain costs
  • Enable lean supply chain operations
  • Increase operating efficiency
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