Automotive & Industrial

In order to better compete in a global market, today’s automotive and industrial companies have undergone significant changes in their supply chains. To effectively deal with a diverse range of suppliers and meet customer demands, automotive and industrial companies now realize the need for valuable interaction and collaboration with suppliers and customers and more efficient coordination of activities within the supply chain.

To sustain growth and profitability, automotive and industrial organizations need a set of supply chain management tools that provides them comprehensive views of product activity in their supply chain, enables them to react quickly to supply disruptions and provides a mechanism to collaborate efficiently with their partners.

Managing today’s challenges in automotive and industrial supply chains

Managers of automotive and industrial supply chains are feeling the pressure of faster order delivery expectations and rising commodity costs. As a result they have to contend with:

  • Increased complexity due to numerous trading partners

    Multiple levels of suppliers distributed globally is now the “norm” in automotive and industrial supply chains. Coordination of raw material availability, transportation and manufacturing is therefore critical in managing cost and profitability.

    Viewlocity Technologies supply chain visibility solutions enable collaboration between partners. You gain real-time visibility into processes and disruptions across the extended supply chain. This helps you to achieve higher order fulfillment rates while lowering inventory and transportation costs.

  • Managing inbound transportation

    There is significant cost saving opportunities to be gained by companies working with their third, or even fourth party logistics partners in designing and optimizing their logistics network.

    Viewlocity Technologies’ solutions help you determine the best mode and move type to ship products. The unique closed loop round trip capabilities enable you to minimize empty truck movements and optimize equipment utilization across multiple sources and destinations.

  • Long lead times with significant variability

    Due to the global nature of supply chains and the complexities of manufacturing parts and products for the automotive industry, companies have to deal with longer lead times and significant variability. Uncertainty in transportation schedules and raw material availability often leads to higher product costs and can adversely impact customer satisfaction.

    Viewlocity Technologies’ supply chain visibility solutions allow you to view the impact of disruptions on upstream or downstream activities as well as on inventory. The solutions allow you to focus on high value, critical issues and can be configured to automatically resolve other problems.

For companies in the automotive and industrial space, Viewlocity Technologies has the solutions you need to:

  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Enable on-time product delivery
  • Reduce overall system inventory
  • Enable lean supply chain operations
  • Increase operating efficiency
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