Founded in 1999, Viewlocity Technologies has a heritage of providing solutions for supply chain visibility and control in major companies around the globe. Viewlocity Technologies’ supply chain software continually dominates analyst rankings in the visibility and event management categories.

Consistently operating with the vision and understanding of how supply chain integration, data granularity and agility can transform supply chains, Viewlocity Technololgies was the first provider of visibility and control solutions that embraced the concept of alerts leading to agile recoveries by assessing the situational context. In conjunction with impact analysis algorithms and automated problem resolution workflows, Viewlocity Technologies’ visibility and event management solutions enable customers to reduce logistics and inventory costs and increase customer response.

In 2003, Viewlocity Technologies acquired Synquest optimization products for factory production, sourcing, inbound logistics and supply chain design solutions.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Viewlocity Technologies has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. With offices and customers across the globe, Viewlocity Technologies provides a fully global solution that embraces the complexity of long supply chains operating in dynamic markets.

Viewlocity Technologies solutions are sold and supported internationally through direct sales offices and via a global, channel-driven distribution network consisting of resellers and partners.

Viewlocity Technologies continues to invest in collaborative integration business models that focus on what really matters in supply chain execution; visibility and control. Danone, VW, Ford Motor Company and Stork all use the real-time capabilities of Viewlocity Technologies to establish responsiveness within their supply chains and maintain a competitive advantage.