Logistics & Transportation

While a global supply chain enables companies to leverage lower cost manufacturing, there are significant challenges imposed on transportation managers in ensuring products delivered over long distances arrive on time and are distributed to the right locations. Transportation costs are typically 5-6% of a company’s revenue and a major contributor to overall product costs. Better transportation management helps companies improve their overall supply chain efficiency.

The longer lead times with global suppliers, volatile fuel prices and risks such as unavoidable delays, make estimating the cost and time associated with transportation difficult. As a result, companies incur high expedite and inventory costs.

To reduce transportation overheads and ensure that the right product reaches the right location on time, transportation managers require a centralized view into all of their transportation activities as well as the ability to understand transportation’s impact on product inventory.

Overcoming challenges in logistics and transportation

A consolidated view into logistics and transportation within the supply chain is vital to understanding, managing and balancing supply and demand, Viewlocity Technologies solutions assist transportation managers with:

    • Managing long lead times and variability

      Due to the global nature of supply chains, companies have to deal with longer lead times and significant variability. Uncertainty in transportation often leads to higher inventory costs as companies buffer their stock. Products are also expedited when there might be alternate, cheaper ways to meet demand.

      Viewlocity Technologies’ solutions allow you to view the impact of disruptions on upstream or downstream activities as well as on inventory. These tools allow you to focus on high value, critical issues while leaving other, less critical problems to be automatically resolved within the system.

    • Monitoring and communicating changes in demand

      Consumer spending habits are more unpredictable than ever. A company needs to be able to communicate changes in demand signals to suppliers and transportation partners to effectively manage costs and inventories.

      Logistics and transportation solutions from Viewlocity Technologies enable you to leverage existing investments that you and your partners have made in various systems and present an integrated and meaningful business picture. On-boarding partners can be managed easily, even if they have widely differing technological capabilities.

    • Increasing product margins

      Proper management and disposition of product returns can significantly impact product margins. Dynamic fuel costs also significantly impact overall transportation cost.

      Companies are able manage all areas of logistics, including returns using Viewlocity Technologies’ supply chain visibility and control solutions. Users are able to view the details of products on a shipment, down to a serial number and can analyze prior shipment data and better plan for anticipated carrier requirements.

When it comes to logistics and transportation management, Viewlocity Technololgies has the solutions you need to ensure:

  • Reduced overall system inventory
  • Reduced supply chain operating costs
  • Reduced expedited freight costs
  • Enablement of lean supply chain operations
  • Increased operating efficiency
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