Supplier Management

Organizations are under pressure to find the most profitable ways to bring products to market. Increasingly, this means relying on third parties and outsourced relationships. It is imperative to have a highly collaborative working relationship with your suppliers. Visibility into your suppliers’ business processes that impact your customers is fundamental to your business’ success.

To succeed in this complex environment you need a comprehensive view of your trading partners and associated business processes and the ability to perform an impact analysis as those business processes are executed across your supply chain.

Overcoming challenges in supplier management

Visibility into and control of your trading partners’ business processes that impact your customers is vital to balancing supply and demand, Viewlocity Technologies solutions assist supplier relationship owners with:

  • Integrating disparate systems across the supply chain

    Your suppliers have their own systems and business processes but the events that are happening in their business have a direct impact on yours. Integrating key information from your suppliers with your own information enables the insight you need to make the best decisions for your customers and your business.

    Viewlocity Technologies’ visibility and control solutions provide the tools to easily integrate key business processes across your supply chain. As events occur in your suppliers’ business, you can view the impact of disruptions on upstream or downstream activities in your own business processes.

  • Managing service level agreements

    Variability of service causes unpredictability of inventory levels and product availability in your supply chain. This costs money in excess inventory levels or, worse, lost business.

    With Viewlocity Technologies’ visibility and control solutions, you share visibility with your suppliers in a single system that holds them accountable to their individual service level agreements. A central system for data control enables all parties to view a single version of data and enables collaboration for identification and improvement of problem processes or business activities.

  • Increasing product margins

    Proper management of product flow across your supply chain can significantly increase product margins. With volatility in customer demand, the ability to quickly adjust orders with your suppliers enables efficiencies in your operations and helps you manage costs.

    Using Viewlocity Technologies’ supply chain visibility and control solutions, companies are able to coordinate business processes and order modifications with their suppliers. The tools enable visibility into changing demands and the upstream and downstream impact of changes.

When it comes to supplier management, Viewlocity Technologies has the solutions you need to ensure:

  • Reduced variability in supply chain processes
  • Reduced overall system inventory
  • Reduced supply chain operating costs
  • Reduced expedited freight costs
  • Lean supply chain operations
  • Increased operating efficiency
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