Managing risk, maximizing profits: Using visibility to mitigate supply chain risk

Every day companies face an increasing number of events that can cause supply chain disruptions. That is why managing risk across the global supply chain network has become a critical necessity.

While it would be nice to simply avoid risks by transferring them to our supply chain partners, it is just not realistic. Today most companies continue to experience supply chain inefficiencies as a direct result of increased risk. Manufacturing disruptions, bloated inventories, transportation delays, stockouts and obsolete inventories are just some of the negative results.

Many supply chain executives are using improved supply chain visibility to help overcome a variety of risks. This white paper reviews four key types of supply chain risk:

  • Rising variable costs
  • Supplier failures
  • Logistics disruptions
  • Natural disasters

The paper then discusses how improved visibility can help mitigate each of these risks and ultimately improve overall supply chain performance.