Viewlocity Control Tower Platform and EXTOL Business Integrator provide end-to-end visibility of integrated supply chain applications and systems.

Dallas, TX – September 12 2014 — Viewlocity and EXTOL International today announced a strategic partnership that allows companies with large, complex supply chains to better control Supply Chain operations through an integrated solution built on the Viewlocity Control Tower Platform and EXTOL integration suite of products.

Both Viewlocity and EXTOL have a long history of supporting hundreds of organizations within the supply chain to avoid risk, reduce inventory carrying costs, and compete more effectively. The EXTOL Business Integrator allows companies to quickly build and manage data integrations and transformations with a single “learn-once, apply to many” tool, all without custom code. The Viewlocity Supply Chain Management suite of products provides real time visibility and control for Supply Chain responsiveness and optimization to achieve operational and cost efficiencies throughout the supply chain.

“Viewlocity is committed to providing best-of-breed Supply Chain management tools to mid market companies” said Chris Anderson, President of Viewlocity. “With EXTOL, our customers can realize end-to-end data integration, while the Viewlocity

Control Tower Platform  solution enables real-time access to the data, providing analysis reports on metrics that help achieve better informed and faster business decisions.”

“Viewlocity shares our commitment to providing organizations with industry-leading solutions for managing and acting on large amounts of data,” said Tony Baran, CEO of EXTOL. “We’re pleased to be able to add our data integration functionality to Viewlocity’s comprehensive supply chain management tools to help companies improve supply chain efficiencies and realize faster time to revenue.”

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