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Diagnostics & Assessment

Viewlocity Technologies provides a range of diagnostic and assessment services to customers and also to companies who are considering infrastructure changes or improvements. These services include:

  • Option 1: Opportunity and benefit assessment
  • Option 2: Technical installation check-up
  • Option 3: Operational check-up

These services can be built in as part of a pre-purchase review, a standard maintenance arrangement or contracted on an as-needed basis. 

Option 1: Opportunity and benefit assessment

Viewlocity Technologies provides a pre-purchase service that assesses the value and benefits the use of our solutions are likely to contribute to your supply chain. This service will generate insight into the opportunities that exist to drive value creation and competitive advantage across the supply chain using our solutions.

Opportunity is defined in terms of your current verses 'to be' business processes enabled by the Viewlocity Technologies solutions. These processes center on the extended enterprise’s supply chain in the context of  identified key performance indicators.

This assessment:

  • Identifies possible improvements within business processes
  • Quantifies the benefits resulting from the proposed improvements
  • Plots and prioritizes the opportunities against Viewlocity Technologies capabilities
  • Outlines a phased implementation plan for maximized return on investment

Option 2: Technical installation check-up

This check-up is an in-depth review of your Viewlocity Technologies application within your system environment. The goals of the check-up are to ensure that the applications are running efficiently and that proper procedures are in place to ensure the integrity and accuracy of your data.

As part of this check-up a detailed technical review is undertaken which covers:

  • Application

    Review logs, confirm that database and data directories are being maintained, confirm parameter settings, and check for any errors.  Ensure that required maintenance is being performed. Review software versions and patch levels.

  • Database

    Ensure the database is operating efficiently and is being properly backed up. Identify any potential performance problems or space management issues.

  • System

    Check areas such as resource utilization, swap file space and kernel parameters to ensure the system is optimally configured for the applications and has sufficient capacity for anticipated growth levels.

  • Performance

    Collect database metrics, measure performance (for example: online response time, engine, message throughput).

  • Documentation

    Review existing documentation and procedures.

The technical installation check-up also includes a presentation of results and a detailed report of the analysis with recommendations.

Option 3: Operational check-up

This check-up ensures that your Viewlocity Technologies application is being used effectively and continues to meet your business objectives.  This review covers:

  • Model validation

    Validate the model and refine all the configurations of resources, calendars, operations, bills of materials, routings and other settings to ensure that they accurately represent the current operational parameters and are producing the most effective and efficient production schedule, based on the company’s goals and objectives.

  • Process

    Review and validate the 'day-in-the-life' process of production planning and scheduling and how it relates to all the other processes.

  • Roles and responsibilities

    Review and update the roles and responsibility descriptions of the functions that are performed in the scheduling process.

  • Procedures

    Review and validate procedures for performing the scheduling tasks required.

  • Integration

    Review the points of integration and data being passed from and to the application and make recommendations for improvements in effectiveness, efficiency, integrity and timing.

  • Training

    Review training needs of new or existing employees, make recommendations for improving their performance and provide necessary training.

  • Features

    Introduce new and advanced product features as appropriate to achieve company’s goals and objectives.

The operational check-up also includes a presentation of results and a detailed report of the analysis with recommendations.

Contact us today to book your check-up or to find out more about the diagnostic and assessment services provided by Viewlocity Technologies.

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